Hello everyone! Jesse here again! We are a little over a month into "pawdcasting" now. So far so good! We've got our setup pretty well established now in our office/recording studio. I guess you could call it that. We also have our structure figured out for now on how we are doing each episode. In the near future, we do plan on having video recording. All of our crazy facial expressions and reactions, I feel, need to be seen to really get the full experience. And of course, you'll get to see our critters passed out snoring at our feet. Who wouldn't want that!? We really enjoy throwing in our bonus horror movie episodes every other week as well. Those might actually turn into a different podcast one day because we would love to talk about other movie genres too. We'll See!! 

There are times throughout your week when you're folding laundry, cleaning the house, doing paperwork, playing with your doggos, and you really just like to have something playing in the background. For some of you, hopefully it's the Caught Red Pawdcast (wink wink)! For others, it is probably more well-known podcasts. And still for others, it is probably Pandora or Spotify music blaring through their speakers. But for us, we usually play movies that we've seen over and over again. We call them our Rewatchables!

Throughout our 5 years together, Meaghan and I have compiled a list of movies, tv shows, and standup comedy specials that we consider to be our Rewatchables. We will put them on as background noise. Or if we haven't watched them in a couple months, we'll put them on to refreshen our memory. One of Meaghan's hidden talents is knowing the lines of certain movies word for word. I'll give you our top 5 Rewatchable movies but there really are quite a few more that we love. I might have to do a part 2 later on. But for now, here are our top 5!

1. Die Hard

Die Hard! Also known as the best Christmas movie of all time. Meaghan and I both agree on this! We love this movie so much. In Die Hard, John McClane (Bruce Willis) just wants to spend Christmas with his family. But when he gets stuck at the office Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza, it'll be a holiday he'll never forget. "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..." "Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho." "Welcome to the party pal." "Now I know what a tv dinner feels like." I could keep going! Well, Meaghan could with her movie quoting skills. This really is the perfect action movie. It has everything an action movie needs: explosions, special effects, great performances with awesome dialogue. Bruce Willis was unknown at the time. They gave him a chance and he passed with flying colors. Alan Rickman was a great bad guy too... RIP. I think I'll put this on as soon as I finish this post. Or in the background as I'm writing it. Yes, perfect. Yippee Ki Yay mother f***ers!

2. Jurassic Park

Man, can't go wrong with Jurassic Park! Die Hard and Jurassic Park are kind of a 1A and 1B for us. They'll never get old. I literally have a half sleeve tattoo that is Jurassic Park themed! Sorry mom! Although, when she first saw it, she asked why I didn't have shirtless Ian Malcolm in there somewhere. Meaghan's jeep is named Malcolm, so we didn't forget about him. We really love the whole Jurassic Park series, old and new. There's no telling how many movie marathons we've had. Jurassic Park won 3 Oscars: best sound, best sound effects, and best visual effects. It really was ahead of its time.  This movie isn't short on famous quotes either. So, Hold onto your Butts! Cause we have a few more movies to talk about!

3. The Replacements

Really, anything with Keanu Reeves we'll watch! John Wick, Speed, and Hardball would probably make the list if it was our top 20. Replacements is just one of those really fun sports comedies that have us cracking up nonstop. I wouldn't say it was my favorite sports movie. I'd give that title to Remember the Titans. If you want drama in your sports movie, go watch that or Any Given Sunday. If you want 2 hours of endless entertainment, this is the movie for you. Replacements starts off with a pro football strike. Gene Hackman plays the coach that has to find replacement players. He finds his star quarterback in Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves). Falco figures out how to take his team of misfits to the playoffs. At the same time, he starts a relationship with the lead cheerleader Annabelle. No, not the doll! This Annabelle is a lot less scary unless she is behind the wheel of her jeep. If you aren't already convinced of our love for this movie, well we even named one of our dogs Falco! 

4. The Mummy

Two words: Brendan Fraser. He will forever be one of our favorite actors. He is at his best when he is acting big and dumb. But while doing so, he is lovable and easy to root for. "Hey Beni, Looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the riverrrrr!" This is a great action movie mixed with some really good comedy. I wish I could've seen this movie in theaters, but I'll settle for our living room tv any day of the week, literally. 

5. Tremors

Have you noticed a trend yet? We love movies from the 1990s and any around that decade! If you've listened to our second bonus episode, then you also know we love Kevin Bacon. Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon feed off of each other so well. I can't forget to mention Michael Gross who plays Burt Gummer, the crazy prepper. This movie is about a small town that becomes aware of a mysterious underground creature that is picking them off one by one. Who would've expected a low budget sci-fi action comedy to be so fun and entertaining. And every sequel after gets more ridiculous but they still find a way to reel you in for more. 

No, they're not the most critically acclaimed movies, but no one said anything about the best movies. We love movies that are fun and action packed. If you haven't seen any of these, we highly recommend them. What are your top Rewatchables? Did any of ours make your list?